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Here's what you've said about us.....

We've been catering events and parties, as well as our Tooting Take-out menu over the last year to the good people of south London; here are some of the great things that people have had to say about us!

"That was epic eating"

- Ed Kirk-Wilson, on our Boston Butt Pulled Pork with NC style BBQ Sauce.

"Dude, that may be the best ******* burger I have ever had"

- Chris Wilson

Best BBQ I've had out of the South....and better than alot I've had in it! You are on to something!
- Lindsay from near Nashville Tennessee, now Clapham

"Boys, boys, boys, the chicken burger is off the scale good.  I mean properly off the scale brilliant.  Bloody hell" 

- Matt Pennington, frpm Balham, south London

"That was bloody delicious, thank you! Hands down the best mushroom burger I have ever had! - Lindsay from Tooting, south London

" Super tasty dinner! Especially enjoyed the bacon bits and roasted swede.  Great mix of sweetness & textures"

- David Gillespie, from Colliers Wood, south London, on our Sage & Honey glazed Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Swede & Bacon.

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