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Curry with a twist

Dear Tooting & Balham Foodies, After a nice break over Christmas, it was great to be back last week, and we cooked up some delicious feasts for some lucky people.

We were lucky enough to cook for a birthday party on Saturday, which allowed me to cook my new favourite Mississippi Pot Roast again. I found it very difficult to hand this over for someone else to eat! I am starting to think that this is perhaps the perfect expression of pure beefiness. It is so deep in savoury umami-ness that it hits all the spots! It goes great with mashed potatoes and if you’ve managed some discipline for left overs, it goes great as a really sloppy burger! It’s been suggested that this is also something that could be done as a DIY Cook Kit, so watch this space.

Home-school is in effect, but we are cooking both Friday and Sunday this week, making a small change from Burger Friday to Curry Friday as time is a bit of a premium at the moment. Long time Southern classic and favourite, Country Captain is a southern 'curry' hailing from Savannah, Georgia. Taking its influence from the rice growing country regions around the city and the port being a centre for the spice trade its distinctive yet familiar at the same time and has been a star of southern spreads for around 200 years! It’s thought that the name of the dish comes from a recently returned ship’s Captain who bought the recipe back from India, and adapted to local ingredients and cooking techniques. Thus, differing from a traditional Indian Curry, its a base formed of celery, with the addition of Bell Peppers and Mexican Jalapeno. A scattering of raisins soothes the southern sweet tooth. Don’t forget the delicious southern sides to make this a curry night with a twist!

Our Sunday roasts continue with some of my favourite flavours; a shoulder joint of pork, marinated with oregano and thyme and lots (and lots) of garlic. This is a celebration dish, where often the whole hog is cooked, but at the moment, getting through a week of home-school is something to shout about. This week we’ve paired it with licoricey fennel and wild mushrooms, followed by a blueberry cobbler to leave you royally stuffed and ready for a relaxed, contented evening on the sofa. A classic dessert, which is livened up with delicious blueberries and a cornmeal cookie dough topping! Be sure to get a tub of vanilla ice cream at the ready!

Thanks for your support and I look forward to cooking for y’all soon, Rich

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