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Its been a while!

It’s been a while! That’s not to say I’ve forgotten about you all, it’s just that time has been rather on the short side to be able to write. It’s been a busy and promising start to 2022, and one that was very different to the previous 18months. Despite the Omicron scare over Christmas, it now feels very much like we are hurtling back to something approaching normal. From the grey period that we were all in before Christmas, where we were all on tenterhooks about being plunged back into lockdown, it does feel that the end of it all is here. Thankfully Lockdown Mk III didn’t happen and we’ve been busy adapting, and finding our way in the new reality. Following a successful tasting session with the Portobello Brewery before Christmas, we’ve been busy with pub pop-up kitchen residencies. Our first was at the Manor of Walworth in Elephant, which was a great introduction to being in a more commercial environment with a supportive team who made the transition to that kind of environment super smooth. A quick breather, then left us to steam into March with another pop-up at The King & Co in Clapham. This was a massive step from where we’ve been previously, with the first few days proving to be a real baptism of fire. A few improvements in efficiencies and operations though more than helped and we were soon cruising through three times the volume that we were managing in January!

chislic - seasoned cubes of beef chuck, deep fried and perfect pub food
Chislic - seasoned cubes of beef chuck

It also gave us the opportunity to try out some different dishes which all did well. So expect to see some new things on the menu when you see us next. These included Buffalo Cauliflower bites, which were covered in our wing spices and laced with buffalo sauce, and Chislic, seasoned cubes of beef served with our own Chipotle ketchup; hopefully more on these in another newsletter! We also got the chance to do the occasional special for those wanting to get away from our usual diner style menu. Our very special 5 Chilli con/sin carne got a good outing, whose temperate heat and flavourful chillies showed off that its not all about going nuclear on the heat level and appreciating the different notes of these fabulous fruits. Regional (& personal) favourites Jambayala & Aubergine Purloo also got a whirl, leaving plates licked clean! And finally we showcased some high end cooking with a twist on a Sunday “Roast”, with a pork tenderloin, on a bed of roasted swede and bacon lardons, drizzled in a mustard and sage sauce, with steamed broccoli, and buttermilk mashed potatoes. Unknowingly this was served to a chef who designed the opening menu for trendy City eatery Temper, who cheekily said the only thing wrong with it was it didn’t have a Yorkie with it!

Roasted pork tenderloin on a bed of bacon and swede and a corriander and mustard seed sage sauce.  With buttermilk mash and tenderstem broccoli
Our Sunday "Roast" - roasted pork tenderloin

At both pubs, the feedback was fabulous, with some people coming back several times. It was great to hear so many people being enthusiastic about our cooking and singing its praises! The only downsides were that we were only at each location for a short amount of time, and having built a head of steam, we had to say good-bye to new found friends! It was a fabulous experience, and one that has left us looking for more! Hopefully we will have some news in the near future on that front!

Double cheeseburgers with pickles and burger sauce
Double Cheeseburgers

In the meantime, what are we up to for the next? First of all, after a long-earned break, we’ve a bit of a lull so will be back with Burger Friday this week! We’ve decided to bring you the best of both, so you can get your fix with both our cheeseburgers and a side of our southern fried chicken tenders (or sausage). We’ve also added Chislic to the menu for those that really wish to chow-down on their beef! You’ll also of course be able to load up on wings and our very special Buffalo Sauce!

Southern fried sausage with Alabama white sauce
Southern fried sausage

After that, we’re off to the Surbiton Food Festival for the weekend of the 14th & 15th of May. This promises to be a great family day out, in leafy St Andrews Square, where we will be joined with other fab foodies for a day of feasting, merriment and music. A great opportunity for those a bit further afield to come and say hello! Or of course, just make a day of it, a nice walk along the river from Kingston, ice cream along the way, and maybe take in a pub or three!

Hopefully that has got you all feeling hungry! Here’s this week’s menu!

Take-away and pop-up restaurant menu
This week's Burger Friday menu

Don’t forget to pre-order where possible! As always, thank you for all the support and we look forward to cooking for you soon! Rich

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