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BBQ's for Christmas too

Dear Tooting and Balham (& beyond) Foodies,

Is BBQ just for summer?! No sir-ree! 🤠🤠🤠

It’s just as fun without the sun and our slow cooked meats and treats can be enjoyed all year-round. Whilst we love our vibrant summer menu, we’ve added some amazing new catering options for this Christmas and Winter:

Festive mains We have a new Virginian recipe from the 18th Century for Smoked Lamb Shoulder; simply rubbed in salt and pepper and served with a white wine and sage BBQ sauce. The sage complements the gamey-ness of the lamb and is utterly divine eating.

Boned & rolled lamb shoulder smoked and sliced
18th Century BBQ Lamb

Christmas catering also means turkey, and who are we to disappoint?! We brine turkey breasts to make them nice and succulent, before rubbing in ground fennel seed, pepper and Herbs de Provence, gently smoking them for a couple of hours, before slicing deli-style thin and serving with our special BBQ based gravy. If you ask nicely, we may even be able to do you a whole pulled turkey!

Winter sides

We’ve added loads of hot winter sides to our existing range of tasty treats. These include our rich, indulgent Boston Baked Beans, our decadent, gooey Mac & Cheese, our Sweet Potato and Borlotti Bean Winter Salad (Yuletide in a spoon) and a warming Corn and French Bean Succotash. All of it is super yum and perfect for Christmas party catering!


I’m also particularly pleased with our new plant-based menu item; Smoked Tofu & Mushrooms. The tofu and mushrooms are both marinated in a vinegar-based brine, before getting a good lick of smoke. They’re then sauteed for a crispy exterior before being paired with deep, sweet molasses and tomatoes in the form of Kansas City Style BBQ sauce. I happily scoffed this down for lunch three days in a row after the test cook!

slow smoked tofu and mushrooms
Smoked Tofu & Mushroom

Burgers & more!

If you’ve had our burgers, you’ll know how good they are, and will definitely be wanting to share them when catering for your party. We’re now able to offer our burgers and hot dogs alongside a curated collection of sandwiches.


We’ve added tantalizing tacos for that Tex-Mextaste. Our earthy Pork Chilli Colorado is ‘lick the plate good’ and a wonderful way to explore the flavour of chillies, without being overpowered by heat, in this standout dish, but there’s also Carnitas and Barbacoa amongst other Tex-Mex favourites.

Our Chilli con Carne comes in three forms……

Smokey Cowboy - our homage to the authentic version that you’ll find in Texas with not a kidney bean in sight! Chunks of chuck beef are slowly simmered in a coffee based broth with a number of different chillies and flavourings before being finished off with a bit of chocolate!

Superbowl Chilli - Perfect on game-days, or any other day, that you are looking to cater for a hungry crowd quickly! Ours is taken to the next level with a subtle mixture of chilli fruits, kidney beans, cumin and oregano and a mix of pork and beef mince, all served over a cooling bed of fluffy rice. The spices and flavourings are also the base for our Bean & Lentil version, which like our pulled jackfruit, is an excellent tasty way to show how plant based food can really shine!

Delicious one-pots

One-pots are a great way for catering a party and really embody what Southern cooking is all about. Wholesome, full of goodness, and using tasty ingredients that will leave you wanting more. Mississippi Pot Roast is our personal favourite; a huge joint of beef is pot roasted with the flavourings that make up ranch dressing until pull apart tender and basted into its own cooking juices. It goes great in a brioche bun but is a match made in heaven with our Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes and Slow-cooked Stringless Beans.

For more information:

  • Dive into the What We Cook section to check out our full range of festive Christmas party catering options. We can cater to London, Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Essex.

  • OR contact us to send a copy of your own brochure or to arrange a chat on how we can help your party go off with a bang!

  • We’ll also be show casing some of our new BBQ dishes over the fireworks festivities next weekend for a Tooting Takeaway BBQ special, so watch this space! Let us know if there's anything that you would like to see on our menu too! As always, thank you for your support! Happy eating y'all!! Rich


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